Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Diabetes and Crafts: Bling Your Blood Sugar Meter Test Kit

We haven't done a craft project in a few weeks, so I thought it might be great idea to share a new activity for families living with  type 1 diabetes.

Everyone carries some sort of test kit, right? 

Well, today we are going to Bling Your Blood Sugar Meter Test Kit!

What you need is a box or make-up bag, stickers and anything else that you want to glue to the outside of your case.

Then once you have your supplies, start "blinging"!

Yes, it is THAT SIMPLE!

Hint:  I like to grab bags and boxes when they go on sale and stash them away until we need a little fun craft day.  It makes living with type 1 diabetes, a little bit more fun and helps to chase away any blues from day in and day out care

This is also great for personalizing test kits for school, grandma's house or even just extra supplies in the car.

When you are done, load up your new "Blinged", one of a kind,  blood sugar meter test kit and ENJOY!

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