Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More T1D Exchange Research Studies

A couple of people contacted me after I posted the last set of data from the T1D Exchange and asked if I knew of any other research studies.   I posted a link to the ULTIMATE STUDY LIST here in this post.

I LOVE that we are all thinking of how to speed along the efforts of research and help us find better technologies and ultimately a CURE!  As always, this give me great HOPE. 

I hope it does for you too!

Here is another new opportunity:

T1D Exchange Biobank Study: You will make the difference!

WHO: You! The Biobank Operations Center has begun contacting participants in the T1D Exchange to ask them to donate a blood sample for the T1D Exchange Biobank.
WHEN: Now! You may receive an email invitation to join the Biobank, please be sure to respond if you wish to enroll and to be kept informed of future T1D Exchange Biobank studies.
WHERE: Lab visits will be scheduled in your neighborhood, and all costs associated with the lab visit will be billed directly to the Biobank.
WHY: To speed the progress of type 1 diabetes research by collecting blood samples from individuals living with type 1 diabetes and to create a resource of readily available samples for use by approved researchers. Blood Sample
For more information, call or email: 1-877-280-5345 / Biobank@BenaroyaResearch.org.

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