Friday, March 8, 2013

Fresh Food Friday - Gluten Free Breakfast

This entire breakfast was only about 41 grams of carboydrates and about 25 grams of protein.

Quite often, I am asked what we typically serve the children for breakfast.  Depending on whom is doing the asking, it brings up two very common issues...

1.)  How to avoid the spike from typical carb-filled breakfast foods?

2.)  What to eat if you are living with Celiac Disease?

On today's Fresh Food Friday, I thought it might be fun to solve both of those issues and to provide an easy, fast, low cost and simple breakfast menu that covers a great variety of foods that kids love!

My girls love cereal, but not just any kind of cereal.  They prefer to eat one that doesn't instantly become soggy in milk.  Not to mention, how they love to admire the sugary kinds of breakfast cereal while mom would prefer something that is a little less costly (because while Trix are for kids, costs are for mom!) and something a little bit better for their early morning tummies.

Enter Chex cereal.

Did you know that there are multiple varieties - exactly 6! - that are completely Gluten Free too?  The ONLY TWO NOT are Wheat Chex and Multi-Bran Chex.

Also, notice the flavor of this Chex cereal?  That's right!  Chocolate Chex!  What a great compromise for kids and parents.  As you can see, youngest daughter LOVES this.

I also have to say that if I am craving a bedtime snack, this is one of my favorites too.  Yummy Chocolate Goodness is so decadent!  Luckily, I find Chocolate Chex everywhere - even Target, so we are well stocked.  The cost is always around $3.99 but keep your eyes open for Sunday paper coupons because once in a while you can score a deal on a $1.00 off each box. 

For milk, our family chooses a variety.  While we currently have no issues with dairy, I do like to bring into their diets, several types of milk.  I think exposure to new foods helps kids to grow with an open mind and be more willing to try new things.  Currently, our choice is Soy milk, which is also a Gluten Free food. 

I buy the brand shown at Costco in a case of 12 for about $12.99.  It is shelf stable and has a great vanilla flavor which makes it taste more like a milk shake type dessert than regular milk. 

For nutrition information, each 1 cup serving of Kirkland Organic Soy milk contains merely 9 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of protein and 100 calories.  You can drink your 'fake shake' all day!

Our breakfast also includes a Cutie orange.  This seems to bring my children great pleasure every morning because I often hear them repeat the television advertisement that says "Do you know why kids love Cuties?  Because Cuties are made for kids."  Since this is an orange and not an ad for the golden arches, I am pretty OK with it, well for one or two minutes!  Then, insert a mom eye-roll!

Cuties are about $5.00 per bag right now as they are 'in-season'.  I especially love that Mother Nature makes all of her delicious fruits and veggies Gluten Free.  Go ahead and enjoy!

Lastly, while the Soy milk contains protein, I also add my secret weapon of choice which is a breakfast meat.  Today's menu includes pork sausage links. 

Nothing makes me happier than reading Jones sausage ingredients which are only pork, water, salt, spices and sugar.  Nothing added that I do not understand or recognize and each link is full of protein!    The Jones brand is also a Gluten Free item.  Since these are pre-cooked, I just pop in the microwave for a minute and a half, then serve. 

My large bag is from Costco, although I have seen Jones sausages at various grocery stores in their speciality aisle for organic foods and you can research a store near you HERE or even order online.    My bag was about $14.00 for 80ish links and it should last in the freezer for several months. 

There you go!  A fast, delicious, Gluten Free breakfast meal that is perfect for filling kids up and getting them out of the door in record speed. 


And just so you know, Fresh Food Fridays opinions are my own and no one paid, gave, begged, pleaded or asked me to say anything about their products!

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