Friday, March 29, 2013

Fresh Food Friday: Happy Easter Carb Counts!

In case the Easter Bunny happens to make a stop at your home, here is a list of items (based on internet nutrition commonly distributed by the little fur-ball. 
Have a Happy Easter Weekend!
The Naturally Sweet Sisters

Russell Stover
Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny (1.3oz) = 22 carbs for 1/3 piece
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
Original Jelly Belly Bean  = 37 carbs for 35 pieces
Chicks = 36 carbs for 5 chicks
Bunnies = 28 carbs for 4 bunnies
Milk Chocolate Covered Peeps = 20 carbs for 1 peep
Classic Jelly Beans = 37 carbs for 14 pieces
Speckled Jelly Beans = 37 carbs for 14 pieces
Cadbury (Hershey) Egg
Cream carmel egg = 24 carbs for 1 egg
Peanut Butter Egg = 18 carbs for 1 egg
Generic Hardboiled Egg
Egg = 0 carbs for 1 egg – dye is free too, so be sure to let you kids enjoy this fun tradition!!!!!!

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