Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BeeGees Playing In My Head (Well, BGs anyway)

The temperatures over the weekend included some pretty substantial heat, somewhat surprising for a Memorial Day weekend.




The kind of hot that made you wish you had an in-ground pool. 

Which we do not.

( WARNING - DIGRESSION ALERT!  .....And for which I am in perpetual mourning because nothing in my mind feels better than a dip into a large body of water - this little side commentary drives my husband crazy because I think I say it multiple times, daily!  You would think it would help the situation out by making him WANT to do something.  Yet somehow, we still have no pool.  I need a new strategy!) 

That doesn't seem to bother the girls.

Being "cool" kids, my girls rigged up a nice way to stay comfortable and practiced over and over, seeing the opportunity for a heatwave as one to play with any kind of water, even if it came from a faucet.

This strategy not only kept them cool but helped their BeeGees (well, their blood glucose actually) to stay in range.

A range that weirdly enough is sometimes hard to reach when it is so hot outside. Often, my girls will run HIGH when the heat kicks in. 

In fact, the range was so good that I often felt torn about how to handle the middle of the night readings.  Especially when one popped up at 12:30 a.m. with a 118.  Yes, it is a great number.  Really great.  Unless, you are hoping for sleep.  For either of us.

So out popped a chocolate milk box and half of it quickly sucked down by a very sleep oldest daughter.

Reaffirming my thoughts were subsequent checks at 2:30 a.m. @ 135, 6:00 a.m. @ 107. 

And the same for my youngest daughter who seemed to have more of a safer range throughout the night, trending into the 170's and staying flat with no worries at all.

The milk performed perfectly and helped her to steady and remain stable for the remainder of the night.

I just wish that it didn't require so many steps to get there.

And does anyone listen to the BeeGees these days?

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