Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blog Week Post 7 - Diabetes Hero

Diabetes Hero

Karen at BitterSweet has a 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog Week going on.   Today's topic is a great one and is writing about your Diabetes Hero. 

We at Naturally Sweet Sisters have plenty of diabetes heroes.  It seems like wherever we look, people living with type 1 diabetes are living life to the fullest.  

So here is a little roll-call of people (adults) living with type 1 diabetes and their professions in our little town.  For my two daughters that are living with type 1 diabetes, meeting these amazing adults has truly left an impression that ANYTHING is possible!

Thank you for being our heros!

Naturally Sweet Roll-Call of Heros!

Eve, Daycare provider and mom to three boys.

Jeff, Grocery Store Manager.

Joe, Firefighter and dad to two kids.

Jennifer, Diabetes nurse and educator and mom to two kids.

Mrs. V., Teacher and mom to one son.

Kristen, Sign Language Interpreter and mom of three.

Steve, YMCA Camp Director.

Ann, Sales Director.

John, Marketing and dad to two kids.

And a great big thank you for all of the wonderful people that we have met who do not live type 1 diabetes but fully accept and embrace it without so much as a blink!  We love you!

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