Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog Week Post 4: Fantasy Diabetes Device

Fantasy Diabetes Device

Karen at BitterSweet has a bloggy week going on.  Today's post topic is Fantasy Diabetes Device.  What is the one product that you would love to see.

A cure of course.

But, thinking that might not happen as soon as tomorrow, I would love the FDA to approve this:

A wireless meter/remote with a needle less CGM integrated tubeless pump with I-PAD app enabled technology so that I can log in and read my child's blood sugar history from anywhere and at anytime.

Oh, and if the the meter remote could be used with my beloved BIG UGLY test strip drums and a little light for nighttime, that would be great.

So in a nutshell, I want this:

Combined with this:

And integrated with this:

Without pokes like this:


Using a method of calibration that allows for continued use of this:

And with the option of using this:

Really, is this too much to ask for?


smayla17 said...

You took the words outta my mouth!! Can't wait for it in the US! Yay :)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Yay is right! C'mon FDA! Get us approved!!!!