Thursday, May 24, 2012

The End Is Near - (or school is almost out for the summer)

Rejoice fellow parents of loved ones living with type 1 diabetes!  The end is almost near. 

Well, for the school year anyway.

Yes, it finally is that time again and I for one, am rejoicing.  I can hardly contain myself which makes me feel a little guilty because, should I be celebrating not going to school in front of my kids????

Probably not.

But after having my lovely daughters out of my care for 7-8 hours each day, amassing piles of worry over low and high blood sugars, frantic trips to the school to replace 'ripped out on the playground infusion sites', retrieving test kits forgotten after school, replenishing diabetes supplies including snacks and water on a weekly basis, making emergency plans or fixing plans gone wrong, and just generally hating the idea that I have to send off my babies to manage type 1 diabetes (really it is this way when you think about it) ALL BY THEMSELVES. 

Oh baby!  I am so celebrating the end of the school year (insert sticking out my tongue).

We are done June 8th.  When are your kids out of school and are you celebrating?

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