Thursday, May 3, 2012

Isn't it Ironic - Don't Ya Think?

As I downloaded yesterday's blood sugars and looked at my graphs for my youngest daughter, it occurred to me that there is some serious irony at play.

Two weeks after our last A1C appt, with NO CHANGES to insulin pump settings, my lovely daughter has PERFECT numbers.

Oh the irony.

No one (and by that, I really mean our endo team) will ever see how good her chart looks. 

So I am showing it to you!  Look!  Look!  We did it!  And even though you see a touch of red or a touch of blue, her numbers have not been low than 65 and higher than 225!!!  And she is 5.5 years post diagnosis!!!!  Whoohoo!!!

But this is truly my point of why we can not let the parent report card get us down.  We know what we are doing in caring for our children.  There are weeks where we manage to get all of the stars to align and to get that so called "perfect" blood sugar management.

Even if no one else sees it.  We know.  I know

And for the sake of posterity, here is my oldest daughters graph.

This is the reality of living with type 1 diabetes and managing that "P" word.  But it doesn't make me feel bad for seeing some swings.  It just makes me want to try harder.  And also to give myself a pat on the back for not seeing more crazy numbers ---  puberty is a wild one! 

And we will!

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