Thursday, December 6, 2012

Band Concert - Does A Blood Sugar Meter Take A Bow?

Oldest daughter performed for her first Christmas Middle School Band Concert.

She quite happily plays a very shiny (and loud) brass trumpet.

And while she has been practicing and perfecting her trumpeting skills for her first concert, not once did it occur to either of us to think of how to bring diabetes along.

Digression- weirdly, I am a bit proud of moments like this because that just means we are doing a fine job of Kids First, Diabetes Second.

Moments before she was about to take the stage, we both realized that her adorable Vera Bradley bag would not be able to go on with her.

That means neither would her entire diabetes test kit. 

So in a split decision, she opted to pocket two pieces of candy (glucose) and check to ensure her blood sugar was in range.  Which it was.

And with a bit of luck, she made it through the entire concert without a hitch and instead, with a very warm round of applause from the multitudes of parents in the audience.

But that brings up an interesting point... what do kids in band do?  Especially in marching band or during parades or lengthy concert showings. 

If you have an idea and are willing to share.  Please comment below.  One sweet trumpeteer will be more than happy to play you a tune!


laura said...

This snuck up on us too for our first band concert. We did the same and I also told them to leave if needed or raise their hand with an L if desperate and I would come out of the audience. (However I suspect they would rather pass out than endure the humiliation of Mom coming out of the audience.) Marching in a parade they wear a spibelt that will hold a One Touch mini, container of strips, lancing device, roll of glucose tabs and a phone. Love me a Spibelt. Other times a bag is left just off-stage.
Congrats on the concert!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Thanks! That is exactly what I was wondering about. Yes, no way, no how would she speak up to call me up. :) The parade idea makes sense to have the Spibelt. She is on adult sizes now and I probably need to order one in plain black to match the band uniform. Goodness! Growing kids and so many new things!!! Thanks for sharing your advice:)

Unknown said...

I was in marching band (color guard) and we always made sure the coaches and band directors knew (luckily one of my band directors has type 1) and if one ever felt low just casually march to the side line and sit. Being on guard there are no pockets. So the parents would stand on all sides of the field with supplies for us with type 1 :) and there were a number of u

Unknown said...

Us* with concert band and orchestra, I did both. I just kept stuff in a pocket, my instrument case, and most of my teachers allowed a small black purse to go on with me. Just ask the teachers :)