Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hydration Station - Water, Water EveryWhere

It occurred to me that my "antique" mommy-isms are quite prolific.  I have many and I say them with frequency and enthusiasm in our home. 

"Mind your p's & q's!"
"Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite."
"A bird in hand is worth two in the bush."
"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

Most sayings were handed down from my beloved grandma and from her mother before that.  As a kid, I love the riddle of her quotes and as an adult, I treasured the value. 

So I repeat them to my girls with a little bit of health care (aka diabetes advice sprinkled in). 

For example, I might have been known to say a variation of this a few times:  "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.  Be sure you pack a water bottle, sweetie.  You don't want to be dehydrated and there might not be any drinking fountains.  Or worse, if you feel like your blood sugar is scooting upwards, be sure to drink some water, okay?  Ketones don't feel good and water will help you avoid that." 

I wasn't so sure they listened but now, I know for certain that they have been REALLY listening.

Especially when I overhear my youngest daughter talking to her big sister about a way to get one more little Christmas present under the tree. 

Just so you might imagine this in the way that it played out...

My girls are standing somewhere in our kitchen.  I am in the adjacent laundry room, quietly folding clothes.  They have no idea that I am within earshot and to be honest, sometimes, that is a good thing!

Youngest Daughter:  "I am going to ask mom for a Hello Kitty water dispenser."

Oldest Daughter:  "She isn't going to buy one.  She told us that she was done buying Christmas presents."

Youngest Daughter:  "Oh."

Oldest Daughter:  "You know what you should do?  You should ask Santa."

Youngest Daugher:  "Yeah.  Good idea!  He won't say no."

Oldest Daughter:  "Well, he might because you are kind of late in asking."

Youngest Daughter:  "Well, that's why I was going to tell mom.  I'm too late to ask Santa.  So she NEEDS to buy us this because she doesn't want us to get ketones.  You know how she always tell us to be sure to drink our water."

Oldest Daughter:  "Yes!  That's right!!!!  (Sissy) You are a genius!  Go tell mom and be sure to tell her it is to keep you AND me healthy!  And tell her so we don't become dehydrated.  Say that.  Say dehydrated."

Youngest Daughter:  "Yeah, ok."

Oldest Daughter:  "Ok.  Hey!  Don't forget to share it with me when you get it because I just helped you and all."

Youngest Daughter:  "I will, I will.  I promise!  I love you!!!"

Oldest Daughter:  "I love you too!"

And the rest of the outcome is TBD....  stay tuned to see if one last present arrives under the tree... or not:)  

Merry Christmas!!!


Shari said...

So stinking cute! I love the planning... You are a great mom and they are great kids!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

That is so nice of you to say:) I know first hand how adorable your family is as well! There must be something in that good 'ole diabetes that gives kids a little extra sweetness:)

Ps. Oldest Daughter is mortified now that she has read this AND will be even more so after reading this. A little bit of mom love for the record books:)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! Might be the cutest story ever! How can you possibly refuse a plan like that?

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

My Christmas cliff hanger... since I decided to not provide any more family presents, the big guy in the red suit HAS to come through:) Waiting over here with baited breathe... seriously, two more days of agony for these kiddos! LOL!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

January 11th, 2013 - Christmas Cliff Hanger is REVEALED!!!