Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crepes! Carb Friendly and Oh So Cool!


Thinking about adding some family fun over the remaining portion of your holiday break? 

How about making crepes?

For as little as 9 carbs per crepe, you can whip up a fun and crowd pleasing treat that will really wow the family.

All you need is....

One heavy duty table top griddle.  I plug ours right into the outlet on the kitchen island so that the kids can see (and be part of) the crepe making action.  Seeing this baby coming out of storage in our pantry, gets everyone excited.

You also need to have a little bit of this most delicious butter-goodness to keep the crepe from sticking to the griddle.  This is Julia Childs instruction  - not mine!  At least, that is how I justify it.

I also recommend having a sturdy spatula with a nice wide base. Crepes are flimsy and easily tear.  If this happens to you, just pretend that it is how the french do it and then talk quickly in a faux french accent. 

Pardon Moi!

Next, and this is the BIG SECRET (I am only telling the people that read this blog... so shhhhh to the 189 of you!  Thank you dear friends!!!) for easy crepe making...

RUN to the store and buy one (or two) packages of these:

Melyssa's 9-inch French Crepes.  These little crepes are premade and only 55 calories and 9 carbohydrates each!  They taste great and are individually packaged on saran wrap to help with easy removal.  Since crepes are fragile, having them packaged this way makes for a breeze in the kitchen.

After opening, lightly butter your table table top griddle.  I usually set mine to 200 degrees.  Lay one crepe open faced onto the griddle and then, go crazy with toppings. 

On our crepes, we like to add cheese... Swiss or American cheese slices melt wonderfully.  Since we consider cheese to be a carb free item, the total carbohydrate count remains at 9 grams each.  For a fancy french effect, I sprinkle Parmesan cheese on the beautifully folded crepe and present with slight bow and flourish. 

Huge crowd pleaser for the under 12 crowd!

However, perhaps dairy just is not your thing.  Or perhaps you are craving something nutty like sunbutter, peanut butter or Nutella?  This is where the versatility of crepes comes in... you can add anything you like!

Maybe you want to try fresh fruit wrapped into your crepe, folded and topped with whipped cream?

Another delicious choice is cherry pie filling folded into the crepe and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  A nice part of having a crepe is that just a little bit of each allows for a big flavor.

My kids even like to eat them warmed up and sprinkled with a dash of powder sugar.  Serve a crepe with a cup of hot cocoa after a snowy play date outside or make them this New Year's Eve while waiting for the ball to drop. 

Anyway you choose, crepes are fun and fantastic at only 9 carbs each... I LOVE that!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Yum! Sounds delicious!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

So stinkin' good and very carb-worthy! Are you going to try them Scott?

Marjorie said...

Darn, thought you were going to give me a good recipe to try, will have to track down some packaged ones. We make a nice whole wheat pancake on our griddle and always serve with cool whip instead of syrup.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Ha! I don't know if I could even manage to get the wafer thinness with my own cooking schools. Where is Julia Child's when you need her! Try Kroger or Meijer if you are in the mid-west.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

And yes!!!! What a great idea of cool whip on pancakes!!!! yum-o!