Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don't Forget to Bolus Me

Digression, but see the little drops of red?  Guess what those are!

One morning,

(just when I am to settle in from the everyday marathon routine of waking children, dressing children, feeding children, packing children, diabetes-caring for children and driving children to school)

I decide to make myself a delicious breakfast of toast and Maine Blueberry Jam (and Susan, the stock is becoming dangerously low, just in case you are reading this).

As I am eating the first few bites and watching Kelly and What's His Name, the phone rings.

It is my youngest daughter asking me to bring a forgotten library book.

Since we live across from the elementary school, I rarely say "no" to a request, especially if the cute girl on the other line uses "please", "thank-you" and "best mom EVER!".

Now, when you have a perfectly delicious slice of toast with Maine Blueberry Jam, you can't possibly let it go to waste.  Since toast is icky when it is cold, the only solution is to eat it as quickly as possible.

So (admitting this shamelessly), I do.

I wolf it down and run back up the stairs to quickly brush my teeth and run a comb through my hair.

Suddenly, it hits me and I think,

"Did I remember to bolus?"

Yep.  Really. 

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