Monday, December 17, 2012

The Best Part of Waking Up is Starbucks in Your Cup.

Coffee, what I affectionately refer to as 'sweet nectar', is the black gold of our Naturally Sweet Sisters home.

I am sure you have heard that old commercial that says 'the best part of waking up'?  

We couldn't agree more. 

We simply love it. 

And by love, I mean enjoying at least one pot between the two of us kind of way.

Since we make such a big fuss over our enjoyment of the sweet nectar, it was inevitable that our oldest Naturally Sweet Sister would want to try it. 

So on one Christmas morning shopping trip, I pronounced her 'big enough' and bought her very own regular White Chocolate Mocha with whip and a lid on the side (because I am generous with throwing spilling caution to the wind that way).

Excitedly, she checked her blood sugar, dosed for the carbohydrates and proudly savoured her coffee throughout the mall. 

Happily, I earned the Best Mom Ever that morning.

After 30 minutes or so, the coffee cup was empty but our shopping trip was still in full force with light-hearted giggles and her agreement that whatever I picked out was indeed "cute" - a small miracle all by itself.

Then it happened.

30 more minutes and I noticed a bit of pallor on her face which is a sure-fire sign of an impending low blood sugar. 

She pouted and rolled her eyes, instantly abandoning the Best Mom Ever status and replacing it with Most Annoying Mom status for even suggesting that she might be low.

We stopped our fun, sat on a mall bench and waited for the beep of her blood sugar meter. 

Beep.  "Crap", she said.  57 mg/dl.

Scratching our heads while treating her low, we couldn't figure out the root cause of the low blood sugar.  Was it the caffeine?  The excitement?  The shopping?

And we are sure that we counted the carbs appropriately.  If anything, a little bit lower than we should have - just to be safe.

So maybe you can share your experiences with coffee.  Do you see the same problems with sweet coffee?  Do you dose differently? 

Please share your experiences.  We're listening because our oldest isn't ready to abandon her sweet nectar dreams.

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