Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Parenting a Tween - A Shrieking Lesson Learned

Oldest daughter is in class at this exact moment.

Her insulin pump, Pumpster, is too.

One of them is shrieking intermittedly with a low insulin warning.

One of them is feeling annoyed and probably, a little embarassed from the noise.

And me, well, I am letting it happen for just a few minutes more.....

Because as much as I love this beautiful girl of mine, I have to help guide her through the ins and outs of responsible diabetes management. 

One responsibility is to follow through on switching out a low insulin cartridge that her mother already pre-filled. 

And left on the counter. 

And reminded her about before she left for school.

And is still sitting on the counter as I type this.

However, in this very real moment I also understand (maybe as much as her) that type 1 diabetes can be a big pain in the rear at times.  I don't want to yell or fight over something that she truly does not deserve.

After all, NO ONE deserves type 1 diabetes and all of the unfortunate things that go along with it.


It is a responsibility that has to be managed. 

So maybe a little shrieking from something other than me, will get the point across.

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