Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Introducing Junior High

Last night was our first 'Junior High Parent Meeting'. 

It was the first meeting designed to gain an understanding of how the junior high schedules courses and what children and parents should expect upon enrolling.  A little bit scary for all of us; even our oldest daughter. 

We went thinking the worst; after all, this is JUNIOR HIGH... the stuff bad tv sitcoms are made of.

Boy, we couldn't have been more brainwashed.

In short, my expectations were blown away. 

The school offers a multitude of classes from Forensic Science, to Introduction to Business, to Leadership Skills to Drama (and a million other choices - Introduction to Guitar, anyone????)  I know the hardest part of the year will be for my daughter to narrow down the choice list and choose her classes.  And that is really a GREAT problem to have.

It is exciting!

But before the parent meeting started, I had a chance to meet and greet the principal.  I thought it best to introduce myself and my husband.  (Our daughter stayed home to babysit her sister - which is another milestone all by itself).

I also introduced type 1 diabetes.

I wanted to make sure t1d was on the table immediately so that we could put faces and names together.  After all, the school and our family will begin to get to know each other intimately through a series of 504 meetings.

Before I could anything further, the principal looked at me squarely and said, "Don't worry about type 1 diabetes at our school.  You're in great hands because we know exactly what to do and we know how important it is to take care of your child.  We have a trained paramedic in the office, our teachers are familiar, my assistant principal knows, I know and just to be sure, we will have lots of meetings to decide how your family would like to manage your child's care plan."

To hear those words well, I don't think there could possibly be a better introduction to a new school.

After talking a bit more, the principal also shared that another current student had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  He then said the words that always bring me mixed emotions.

"Your daughter will not be the only one with type 1 diabetes."


The only thing that can erase those emotions would have been to hear, "We've CURED TYPE 1 DIABETES!"

Someday.... but until then, I am enjoying a moment of walking into another school that appears to instantly 'get it'.


Scott K. Johnson said...

What a blessing! I'm sure that made you guys feel SO good about her being there.

And boy, I'm jealous of all those cool classes she gets to pick from!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Me too! I want to go back to school with her.... this is not the boring day of learning that we had.