Monday, February 4, 2013

Lunch Box - Drink Ideas for Type 1 Diabetes

Lunch Box Yum

Second Semester just started. 
That means that my kids are about halfway through 180 days of packed lunches.  At this point, since my kids do not purchase lunch at school, something new and exciting is the only way to beat the typical home-made lunch "blahs".
I thought you might be feeling the same way and this would be a good time to share a new way to spice up the typical lunch without adding in extra carbohydrates.
Here is a new Water Enhancer from Market Pantry at Target.  For around $2.99, and in a variety of flavors, your child can add a squirt or two to any bottled water for a fruit flavored taste.

Market Pantry From Our Beloved Target

Bonus:  No impact on blood sugar levels, either!
Zero Carbohydrates!
I do keep each of the girls' water flavors safely stowed in a ziplock baggie in case of an explosion.  So far, so good and nothing has leaked or spilled anywhere.
Also, the first bottle that they chose lasted around 60 days (or about two and half months of lunches).  They seem to love having something special like this in their lunch box and it has allowed me to reduce my grocery bill by no longer buying carb-free or low-carb juice boxes or pre-packaged flavored waters.  According to my 6th grader, "this product is much cooler" anyway. 
And in case you are wondering, no one from Target or Market Pantry asked me to say anything about their products or offered me any compensation to do so.  I am just a big fan of this helpful type 1 diabetes tip from Naturally Sweet Sisters and wanted to share it with you!

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NikDuck said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check these out! Right now my daughter drinks the 2 carb fruit falls.

Marjorie said...

I wonder if these are the same as Mio. I'll have to check it out.
You should do a second part about what you pack for lunches, I'm running out of ideas!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

We used to drink the 2 carb fruit falls too. But I found that it was getting so expensive and my girls were often still thirsty after finishing. Still though, for things like classroom parties where everyone else is drinking a pouch, it sure is nice to have that same type of drink. Haven't tried the MIO but I would bet it is the same. I have a feeling that store brand price is the only thing that is different. :) Love the lunch idea!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I've used those Mio products to flavor plain greek yogurt, too. These sound like the same thing, only appreciably cheaper. Thanks for sharing!