Thursday, February 28, 2013

True Love Is Having A Friend That Understands Type 1 Diabetes

Seeing this made my heart swoon

True love is when your best friend drops off a bag of lollipops for your girls and marks them with the words:

Pixie Park Pick-Me-Ups
7 carbs each

Because she knows that your girls don't love glucose tabs and wants to make sure they have something fun to keep the Diabetes Monster away!

True friends DO understand type 1 diabetes. 
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beth said...

i love this!!! very glad you have a friend that "gets it"
My boyfriend took a carton of juice to work the other day which had 18g written on the side in a large marker pen (my juice, marked for carbs so i don't have to think when busy or low at work - i did say he could have it!). He said the only person who noticed was a girl he works with who is diabetic and it made her really happy to see! little things sometimes are big things to know other folk are with you!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I agree Beth! The girls and I LOVE it when anyone saves a label or even writes a carb count on a sticky note. Even if they aren't sure, just having someone pause and say what they think the carbs are, makes us soooo happy. Absolutely, it is the little things!