Friday, January 25, 2013

Field Trips - Dr. Who Knew

Photo: Livy on stage as water molecule h2o
Water Molecules As "Ice"

Today, my youngest daughter invited me along to one of her final elementary school field trips.  With only a couple more fun events like this on the horizon, I decided to seize the moment and tag along.  Since this particular trip included a visit to the planetarium and a science museum, we were both very excited. 

The day went smoothly.  We did manage to take in a few lovely memory moments such as investigating treasures recovered from sunken ships in the great lakes, touching soft wholly mammoth fur and wishing we were the keepers of the museum's large gem collection. 

My youngest whispered into my ear, "Diamonds and gems look good on every girl", and all I could do was wholeheartedly agree.

Photo: Livy on stage as water molecule h2o
H2o ready to boil

Finally, our day ended in the Science Auditorium, where a bearded professor (just think of the comic book type nutty professor), full of energy asked for several audience participants to help him conduct "important" experiments.  Almost instantly, my youngest was happily chosen to be a water molecule. On stage, she demonstrated to the various classrooms, different ways water moved or stood still depending on the state of matter it was in.  Her performance was a raging elementary success!

After a few other "matter" demonstrations (silly putty, garbage bag tearing and liquid crystals), the bearded professor was ready to move on to conducting energy.  But before doing so, he said this:

"Is there anyone here who is wearing a hearing aide?"

"Is there anyone here who is wearing a heart pacemaker?"

The kids on stage ready to do the experiment just shook their heads no.  Then, the beard professor said this:

"Is there anyone here who is wearing an insulin pump?"

And all of the kids turned and looked toward my youngest daughter (who at this point, done with being a water molecule was quietly sitting in the audience). 

Me, fearing the worst, looked at her too. 

Fully expecting to see her looking bashful or even possibly upset that kids were staring; instead, she sat gazing back at her peers with a big smile.

Puzzled and not sure what to make of it, I turned my head back to the presentation and watched the rest of the electrical experiments which included a static electricity ball and a wheel lighting up a light bulb. 

Later in the car on the drive home, I casually asked my youngest daughter how she felt about the bearded professor mentioning type 1 diabetes.  She said, "I thought it was kind of weird."  I nodded my head in compassion and said, "Did having the kids look at you make you feel uncomfortable?", assuming that was where she was headed with her answer.

"Oh no", she said.  "I wasn't upset at all.  I thought it was sweet that they thought of me.  My friends were watching out for me and wanted me to be safe.  I liked knowing that they care about me." 

Listening to her literally took my breath away.  This absolutely was not the answer that I expected to hear.  In the hours since this conversation took place, I am still reeling. 

My worries were so unfounded and I am so saddened by the way that I was leading her... almost making her say something that wasn't even there. 

How incredible that once again, she is teaching me....  about acceptance, tolerance and peace. 

Through this blog, she is also teaching the world.

This is what Naturally Sweet Sisters is all about.


Scott K. Johnson said...

I love it when our kids surprise/impress us. No feeling quite like it, is there. :-)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Nope... she is a cool one, that little girl. I am always amazed and surprised by her "everythingness"!