Monday, April 22, 2013

When Good Things Go Bad - Sigums Style

You all know about our love affair with the DexCom Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) or as we now lovingly refer to as 'Sigums'?

While Sigums fell apart over the weekend. 


It happened as (ironically none-the-less) my daughter was 'skyping' her fellow 4th grade friend in Wisconsin, whom also has type 1 diabetes.

As youngest daughter removed Sigums from her pump pouch for a show and tell, the circular black faceplate popped off.   Upon inspection, we realized that the cheaply manufactured clips designed to hold the faceplate on had simply snapped, rendering the buttons useless.  A few moments later and we decided to take the sensor out - which is a shame as it was still in cycle.

The supply hoarder in me felt a little cheated at losing time with the valuable sensors.  Our co-pays are not fun this year and paying out of pocket means that we feel the pinch of wasting.

As a result of not having the sensor in last night, (giving me a little extra anxiety over putting my child with IOB into bed) I over did it on the drink box of chocolate milk.

Nothing like seeing a 400 mg/dl on the good 'ole blood sugar meter.

And to the nice DexCom rep that kept repeatedly asking me if we had water damage, the answer is still no.

That question baffles me.  Especially when I found out that the only way to get a replacement receiver was to give DexCom my credit card and agree to pay the entire replacement cost if DexCom feels like it was under water despite me telling them no.

Does this look like water damage?  Because being threatened is not a cool way to handle a manufacturing issue. 

Even though I asked the customer service rep if we were the only ones to have reported this issue, she politely refused to answer.

So I ask anyone else out there... have you had this happen? 


Anonymous said...

Kim at Texting My Pancreas had the exact same thing happen....check out her blog post today!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is a HUGE issue. I knew we couldnt be the only ones!!!!!

Tirzah said...

I linked you to a post on FB. - same exact problem, pink even!... It's from that Dr. Ponder in Tx, his broke just like hers.

He was able to tape his back on and use it while he waited for the replacement. Is Dex gonna replace the not-fully used sensor too, I hope. They should!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Wow! So many people with the same issue. Youngest daughter is gentle on her things, so this is truly a company problem. How many people does it take to realize that a potential recall might need to occur? Wonder where this is designed and who came to the conclusion that it would pass inspection? Interesting!!!